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Parliamentarians fear that foreigners are spreading disease in Indonesia.

Nationalist politicians Yuddy Chrisnandi of the Golkar party and Permadi of PDI Perjuangan party worry that epidemics such as bird flu are being spread by foreign organisations. Permadi, who is a prominent PDI figure from East Java and a practitioner of Javanese mysticism, said on a television show recently:

I suspect that all the epidemics in the country, including bird flu, are being deliberately spread by certain groups who are working with foreigners, and we just let it happen and haven't investigated it at all.

Permadi, mystical.

Permadi was responding to a question as to why certain advanced countries, including those who produce cow and chicken meat, were not experiencing the same problems as Indonesia on the disease front. What was even more suspicious, said Permadi, was the speedy arrival of pharmaceutical companies from those countries once the diseases were rampant in Indonesia, looking to make a profit from the misery of Indonesians.

Yuddy Chrisnandi
Yuddy Chrisnandi, left, not getting too close.

Yuddy Chrisnandi from West Java, who also has strong opinions on the recent Tamsil Linrung case, agreed and urged the national intelligence agency, Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN), to get on the job.

BIN has to carry out an investigation into the activities of foreigners and their agents in the country.

Close attention should be paid to foreign organisations working in the health sciences area, and their Indonesian representatives, said Yuddy. antara

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  1. Indonesia must carefully for bird flu..I think this conspiracy from west country.
    For J.Crisnandi must vocally about this case. Thanks.

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