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Girls and women in Jakarta looking for a relationship.

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Cena is honest, spoilt, and childish.

Jelita likes outdoor activities such as camping, rafting and hiking.

Dewi is trying to find the “right one”.

Kathryn is blessed with everything and thanks God for it.

Anisya likes to dance and cook.

Ririn is a simple girl, romantic and sweet.

Rina is charming, smart, sweet, friendly and open minded.

lvianita is a simple, ordinary girl.

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36 Comments on “Jakarta Girls & Dating”

  1. ferman mutlu says:

    Hello all,
    I visited Bali on holiday a long time ago and look forward to visiting Jakarta in December for a long overdue vacation.
    Any good tips for my trip would be much appreciated.
    Thank you for reading this,

  2. Ketut says:

    Should go to bali, many jawa chasing man there!

  3. troy says:

    Hy, Im looking for a girl to go out in jakarta. Any possibility? I say go out, It means have fun only as eat out, disco or travel inside indonesia.

  4. Swagman says:

    @ troy

    2 million to choose from mate 🙂

  5. thompson says:

    Begitu menarik,
    setiap yang melihat situs ini pun akan tersenyum dengan wajah manis ladies.

  6. Nik says:

    Yo Whats up Jakarta. I love this city, though I have not seen much just my office and hotel and some surrounding. People are lovely by nature and sweet to interact. Everytime I go back to my country with the promise to caome back again and here I am coming again next week. This time I am planning to see this beautiful city. Would anyone sugeest me places from historical importance to best of the disco theques.


Comment on “Jakarta Girls & Dating”.

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