Long Stay Visas for over 55’s

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Oldster foreigners and tourists can stay in Indonesia for months on end, on a new long stay visa.

Indonesia has formally brought into being a one year long stay ‘tourist’ visa, for those of advanced age.

The visa is available initially to people over 55 from the following areas:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific

Africans, Arabs, and south Americans need not apply. However there are plans to extend the facility to certain select countries not yet allowed, like South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Suriname, among others.

It seems that the process for applying for the visa is similar to that of a long stay work visa (KITAS), and must be applied for abroad, with the following requirements:

  • be over 55 years of age
  • provide ten passport photos
  • provide passport photocopy
  • record of medical check-up
  • proof of at least $1500 a month income

Applicants must also provide proof that they will have accommodation in the country, and proof that they will employ, or have employed, someone, like domestic help.

Holders of the visa are not allowed to work or engage in business activities in Indonesia.

It will be possible to eventually convert the one year visa into a more permanent KITAP visa, probably after holding it for two years.

Of the new visa, a Department of Tourism official enthused:

This is to allow us to take advantage of an important, growing market.

He said many tour and travel companies in Indonesia already had their sights on providing for long stay elderly and retired foreigners. antara

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