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The builders of mosques are urged to get permission.

Vice president Jusuf Kalla said on the 16th in Jakarta to a gathering of the National Mosques' Council that mosques need to have the permission of the local authorities.

Kalla said that in village and rural areas most mosques did not have their paperwork properly in order while in the cities most did. He said it was unfair to expect the houses of worship of other religions to have permission while mosques could be built without it. Even though nobody objected to the building of mosques, he said, formal authorisation should still be sought.

Kalla reckoned that there were about 70-80,000 mosques in Indonesia but because so many were not registered it was difficult to know the number for sure. tempo

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  1. avatar Tomaculum says:

    A. Sudarsono wrote:

    But for Julita, I recommend you adopt a jilbab immediately.

    He is a believing moslem surely and he wears doubtless baju koko everyday.
    So you do it better to follow his “advices”. 🙂

    A. Sudarsono,
    you didn’t yet answer my question: where can we find His bureau for perission to build a house of worship? (please tell us also the call number)

    A. Sudarsono is just trying to copy Borat (or Ali G.?). Unfortunately not yet so perfect as the original. But what is not yet, can still be in the future, hm?! Let’s him do his exercises.
    (In da peace, A. Sudarsono!! And good speed! 🙂 )

  2. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    Mr. Tomalcum,

    I recommend, that:

    1) You do the scholat.

    2) You listen to you Imam.

    3) The answer will surely come to You.

    For Julita, I recommend you follow My Advice.


  3. avatar Robert says:


    But for Julita, I recommend you adopt a jilbab immediately, and preferable the kind they use in Saudi Arabia. This is a responsibility of a woman “” otherwise men around her will be distracted.

    Why should she wear a jilbab? Can’t you stand the look of a woman?
    Men will be distracted? If these men would get their minds out of the gutter and find a proper job they won’t have the time to get distracted. Or if they would have had a proper upbringing they would have known that women are normal human beings instead of the aliens they keep them for.

    Btw it would be easier if you would emigrate to Saudi-Arabia, there you will find the peace of mind and you won’t be distracted anymore.

  4. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:


    Thank you for your comment. You seem like a nice enough man. The fact you are reading this Blog is an encouraging effort to improve your education.

    But the kind of thinking you have displayed here was common in Mecca before Nabi Mohammad (peace be upon him). Islam provides the ‘cure’ for the ‘disease’; misguided thinking and immoral behaviour. It is the woman’s job to maintain morality; Man has been bestowed certain weaknesses in his nature. That is why Woman and Man need one another. As for Man it is our responsibility to encourage woman to keep to her proper role – that of a mother and wife.

    Can’t you see ? It’s so clear.

  5. avatar Yunir says:

    Hi Dimp,

    yes, I agree.

    However, if you think that identifications of “unproductive” mosques should be based on the grounds that it has no prior permission, then I disagree.

    A mosque may not have the necessary permit, but it can still be a useful and very “productive” one. A mosque may have a permit but it may be the “thorn” of the community.

    Identification of which mosques are “detrimental” should be based on who built the mosques, why, when. Then, there’s the issue of what the caretakers or “managers” of the mosque are doing. Are they preaching terrorism? Are they telling people, “visit our mosque. Don’t visit others. Others are corrupted mosques.”

    Identification has to be made on very careful grounds and it’s not a simple case of finger-pointing. But indeed, it should be the duty of the Muslim authorities of a country. It should be their obligation.

    Finally, I have to also say that my take on mosques are not based on any one particular country, including Indonesia. I am not a local of any Indonesian community to actually make such suggestions. If there are such “bad” mosques, then I hope they be identified quickly. But if there aren’t such mosques in Indonesia, then Alhamdulillah.

    Allah s.w.t knows best.

  6. avatar Julita says:


    The I am glad you agree that the Mesjid will give you the peace.

    Sorry sir, you making up things. In this beautiful, peaceful, happy part of the earth I am living in there iis no mesdjid around me.


    But for Julita, I recommend you adopt a jilbab immediately, and preferable the kind they use in Saudi Arabia. This is a responsibility of a woman “” otherwise men around her will be distracted.

    How arrogant one can be, trying to advise others as if he is the ‘holy one’. God will be the judge my friend, I am in His hands.


    For Julita, I recommend you follow My Advice.

    Far from it, not you. My Lord, my God, give me His advice.
    As you said thus the same with me “I have no time” so let’s leave it at that.

  7. avatar Tomaculum says:

    A. Sudarsono,
    I never do sholat and I just hear to me myself, because I have diagnosed, that I’m “wiser” than those religious navigated people (what about you?). 🙂
    Like Bima has learned from Dewa Ruci: look inside yourself, then you will find Him.
    So, I would like to advise you: not to discuss so much about religion (yours or from anyone else) in Masjid Salman or where else. But look inside yourself.
    (In da peace 🙂 )

    Add: And A. Sudarsono: learn to write one’s nickname correctly.

  8. avatar Julita says:

    Thanks Robert, I did not read your posting before.
    We all have choices to make in life, the more effort, the more difficult the effort, the more graces we get. Starting from a child of helping with chores or not, help mother or not, help the begger or not. This is education.
    Though by covering the entire person just to keep us safe from temptationn that goes the otherway. Making other suffer, humiliating, unhealthy(we need the sunshine).
    I think it was Buddha when he was meditating and he was tempted by beautiful ,women. not sure, and he passed the test. That is how it should be, life is full of temptation and choices to make. Well, I said this before.

  9. avatar Andrew says:

    Guys, don’t feed A. “the madman” Sudarsono.

  10. avatar Tomaculum says:

    Hi, Andrew,
    poor A. Sudarsono is just a poor humble man yearning for attention. This is normal, isn’t it.
    And a little bit provocateur too. I myself love his provocations.
    So let’s grant him his show. 🙂
    Come on A. Sudarsono, we’re waiting for your next “borating”.

  11. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Yunir,

    I agree with you, “permits” do not guarantee the quality of the mosques, or any other place of worship. Permits are supposed to guarantee that the town plan is not messed up by people building anything anywhere without any approval from the appropriate government officials. Unfortunately the appropriate government officials in Indonesia at the moment are not capable of unbiased and well-informed decisions.

  12. avatar Parvita says:

    Yunir, Dimp,

    When you say the quality of mosques, what do you mean? I agree with Yunir, mosques, like any other building, should follow the plan of the city. Look at Jakarta or Bandung right now, Bandung has Factory Outlets everywhere, Jakarta has malls and hypermart that doesn’t facilitate parking spot nor consider the environment, let alone the monorail plan and the busway, and about the mosque, why do we need 3 mosques in one block plus their speakers?

    Jakarta is far than a beautiful city because, like you said, Yunir, government officials are not capable. Better just close down the Planology Department in ITB if the science is not going to be utilized (or produce other corrupt mind in the Tata Kota)

  13. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Parvita,

    What I meant by quality of the mosques stands for both the quality of the building itself (facility, architecture, safety), as well as the quality of teaching that is implemented in there.

    “Permits” as I stated before should only refer to the town planning and to make sure that there will be no such thing as “untidiness” in the area.

  14. avatar Ihaknt says:


    What is scholat? Sounds like food. Hehehe 😀

  15. avatar Achmad Sudarsono says:

    All My Friend,

    I hope you are the Fres one.

    To Mr. Tomalcum, after the flood the water is not so good, so when I look inside myself, I find tapeworm, entamoeba histolyca a (my new pet), and other parasite.

    Pak Andrew, I “recommend” you “don’t” use “quotation” marks except “when” “they” are “needed”. “Can’t” you “see” it’s annoying ? If you want to call someone a madman, just go ahead.

    But personally, the mad one is to go against Allah S.A.W. by not getting his permission to build mosque.

    Friend, Ihaknt, scholat is a special dumpling made with different spices. It is the nice one.

    Thank all my Friend.

    Ibu Julita, I have a problem look for Date on Saturday nights. Can you give me some advices ?


  16. avatar Ihaknt says:

    See what I mean? He is just pulling our legs. You’re not funny dude. Maybe use your local mosque speakers to get audience, hey you may as well score a date that way, a girl in a jilbab. Try it dude!

  17. avatar Andrew says:

    Hmm, let’s try again. Achmad “the madman” Sudarsono.

    I don’t think it’s annoying, it even sounds “realistic” to me.

  18. avatar Aluang anak Bayang says:

    I suspect Achmad Sudarsono is drunk. What is the penalty for drinking under the shariah? 50 lashes?

  19. I agree with Vice President Jusuf Kalla. It’s about time that mosques are regulated properly. I’m a Muslim myself but I don’t agree that too many mosques are built too many. Some mosques are even built not because the people need them but just only for prestige reasons or any misleading purposes. Building a mosque is not the only way to “see” God. It’s true that a mosque is God’s house, but it’s only a physical house. The real houses where God lives are our hearts 🙂

    Best regards,

  20. avatar Tomaculum says:

    And when will they start with the regulation? In 1000 years??? 🙂

  21. avatar Julita says:

    guebukanmonyet: Some mosques are even built not because the people need them but just only for prestige reasons or any misleading purposes.

    Very observant, try live in Serajevo. What people need are factories and jobs. Though there are so many mosques, almost every kilometer and people do not need them, too many.

  22. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Julita,

    Then maybe it’s time to start using abandoned / not utilised mosques for other purposes. While churches have been converted to shops, houses, I haven’t heard that mosques have actually been converted for other purposes. Maybe it is time to do this.

  23. avatar Julita says:

    Well, I heard, one cannot do this with a Mosque. Churches yes, lately we hear this. Sad indeed, though new churches are also being build, so whatever.
    Well, correction in regard to distance of mosques in Serajevo, of course I not really measure them. Though the city is like a wok, surrounded by hills. So when we hear the prayer call, it is really loud coming from all sides. No, really it did not bother me, perhaps because it was our choice to be there.

  24. avatar Dimp says:

    I think we shouldn’t be concern with churches being converted to shops / houses. Churches are just buildings, they are used for a place to pray, but again they are just building, when they are converted then they are still buildings. Of course there are some churches which also hold significant historical values, but for normal churches then I don’t see any problems for converting them.

  25. avatar Ihaknt says:

    They’re just buildings for god’s sake!!! If you wanna pray you can pray anywhere. Don’t need to build a freakin mosque every meter. Building this for many people are just so they are seen they are doing a good ‘deed’. Muna.

  26. avatar Ratna says:

    The one thing that i HATE about the mosques in Indonesia is the LOUDSPEAKER they use! one mosque one loudspeaker, you said there is 70-80.000 mosque in Indonesian? WELL….WELL…WELL…

  27. avatar bluemoejoe says:

    seeing a fight between idiotic fanatic and the fragmatic surely are a refreshing one 😀

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