Dangdut Never Dies Awards

Dec 14th, 2010, in Featured, Society, by

Julia Perez and Dewi Perssik dominate the inaugural Dangdut Never Dies Awards on MNCTV.

Held on 10th December on MNCTV, the most popular dangdut acts chosen by SMS voting, in a fairly exhaustive list of categories:

Most popular song

  1. RT 5 RW 3

Most energetic dance style

  1. Dewi Perssik

Most soulful singer

  1. Erie Susan

Most romantic couple

  1. Saiful Jamil and Dewi Perssik

Most shockingly dressed

  1. Julia Perez

Freshest act

  1. 5 Bidadari

Favourite singer

  1. Ira Swara

Favourite episode

  1. Bho Peng Pay

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