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The provincial backwaters of Java are awash with homemade student sex videos.

Kediri - A sex video in circulation in the East Java town of Kediri, entitled "Reality Show Cah Uniska", reportedly features students from the Law faculty of the Islamic University of Kediri, (Universitas Islam Kadiri (Uniska)). The 3gp file lasting five minutes and 35 seconds is said to be in hot demand at VCD stalls, mobile phone dealers, and internet cafes in the normally sleepy country town.

The rector of the university, Mustain, says the video is part of a plot to tarnish the good name of Uniska, and is connected with competition between the various centres of higher learning in the town.

Video Mesum
A hazy scene from the "Video Mesum ABG".

He says the police have known about the video since October 2006, and it has gone under various humorous titles including 'Jateng Membara' (Central Java Sizzles) and 'Bra Merah' (Red Bra). Mustain said the people in the video were not students at his institution.

The head of the Kediri police, Isbari, says his men are on the job. He said a group of lawyers from Uniska had reported the matter on the 14th. antara

Madiun - And in Madiun last week, another populous provincial town in the western part of East Java, several people dressed in high school uniforms were seen to be featured in a sex recording passing from handphone to handphone in the town. From the insignia on the uniforms the students appear to attend a school located on Jl. Mastrip. l6

Tegal - Bucking the East Java trend another video, from Tegal in Central Java, featuring two school students engaged in husband-wife behaviour, is said to be very popular viewing in the town. Head of police Sugeng says he has no idea about it. l6

Emy Puasa Handayani, the head of Uniska's legal team, says the movie was made on 15th July 2006 and the police have had copies of the it since October 2006. It has gone under three other titles, Arek Jakarta (Jakarta Girl), Lokal Membara (Local Sizzle), and ML Pake Bra Merah, Wooow (Making Love in a Red Bra, Wow), after the police had conducted a raid on VCD stalls.

Known now as "RSCU", "Reality Show Cah Uniska", the girl in the video is not from the Islamic University of Kediri, says Emy. The entire student database has been searched and no matches found resembling her.

The making of the video, or its most recent naming, was done to discredit the founder of Uniska, a cleric, who is a well-known political figure in East Java, Emy said. antara

April 6th 2007. Police in Ngawi, in far East Java are questioning students at the Widodaren SMA and SMAN 2 Ngawi senior high schools as well as students at the SMPN 2 Ngawi junior high school who are believed to have been involved in the making of a homemade sex video tape.

A policeman said the video goes under a number of titles including "Happy and Happy" and "Cah Ngawi". In one scene a male and a female student in school uniforms are engaged in sex in the back of an APV vehicle, the police officer said. antara

54 Comments on “Student Sex Videos”

  1. avatar Octa says:

    SEX? That thing is normally and natural. Every human needs sex, even they’re 100% trust in God. So, my opinion is don’t think having sex is like disgusting thing or immoral thing. Don’t runaway from the truth. Especially for FPI. They made each other getting away especially among each religion. And also they always interrupting each human who wants to be famous just like they are have to show their body even though they’re not absolutely naked.

    Hey, today it’s not Soekarno era, we’re living in democratic era. Even, sometimes our goverment is a little bit complicated to solve these problems. Here we are, to suggest into every human in Indonesia, don’t to be like licker. Actually it was useless, because you have to spend everything just for interrupting everyone who wants to be creative. Think about my opinion. auf wiedersehen danke.

  2. avatar Robert says:

    In one scene a male and a female student in school uniforms are engaged in sex in the back of an APV vehicle, the police officer said.

    At least they honoured their school by keeping their school uniforms on. That car is truly an ‘All Purpose’ Vehicle.

  3. avatar Suhada says:

    Assalamualaikum. My brother Achmad Sudarsono. To call some civilization immoral is somehow defies the moral value itself. And what is west? What is east? That so called east-west dicothomy is obsolete. The west is not a single entity. So does the east. Such a simplified mind is just insufficient. In some sense it is right that nowadays our youth are very open to relativism. They no longer see premarital-sex as unethic or immoral. You can blame Dawson’s Creek or Melrose Place for that in some degree. But please don’t forget about Aa’ Gym. And Mr. Yahya Huzaini of course. The problem is thet we failed to identify the real culprit that underlies this moral decadency. We are very eager to blame it to other civilization. I think the problem is that we are not being honest about ourself. We keep saying that we are eastern, we are polite and religious. But we are not. We share the same tendency toward relativism as our western compatriots. We are not different or unique. We share the same post-religious era. Let us be honest first. Let us stop taking scape goats. And let us contemplate. Then we might, just might, find a better way to cope this matter properly. Wassalam.

  4. avatar Denny Crane says:

    Dear Suhada,

    It would be very difficult to assume that this incident represents the entire Indonesia people as not being honest about themselves. Good deeds happen as well as crimes and moral violations as they are the dynamics of every society. However, it does not necessarily mean that the whole nation is having moral decadence. The yardstick is simply too far-fetched.

    I agree with you that we should not look for escape goats on this issue but we should also not undermine the character and principle of this great nation. It is far more difficult to live by a principle than to fight for it.

    Denny Crane

  5. avatar Baso Natawiria says:

    We must ban cellphones, cameras, DVDs, and TVs – they are unislamic!!!

    Yeah .. sure .. and while you’re on it, ban those loud speakers also..

  6. avatar Gil says:

    Suhada and Danny,
    Wow! I hardly believe some rare thoughtful and open-minded people like you guys do exist! Sorry matey, don’t mean to patronise but I was just thinking that everyone would have had opinions like some people in this thread who proclaimed themselves having lived been-here-done-that kind of life, yet I was utterly unimpressed by their shallow comments which blatantly blamed other people, other “culture”, other civilisation, other religion, and so on and so forth (soon when they have nothing to blame, they will come out with irrational and unfathomable reasons!), as if they were some sacred angel who never confessed any single “sin” in their life. Bleah, I despise these attitude.

  7. avatar Voenza says:

    I read a report in Aceh Serambi Indonesia newspaper some time ago. The story is basically like this: An unmarried couple was arrested by the Sharia police for sexual misconduct somewhere in the west coast. The arrest is based on an event witnessed by a person, who in the newspaper said, watched the event from foreplay to finish, then report the event afterwards.

    What’s strange in this story and from that witness? The witness lets himself “enjoy the view” and decide to report it after the “show” finishes.

    Any comment?

  8. avatar Don says:

    Way back in the day when I visited Indonesia, premarital sex was virtually unheard of. Certainly, a child out of wedlock=major scandal….and then the changing tide of culture swept in and now the police are up in arms aboout sex videos. I’m indifferent to the whole thing , myself; i just wonder, though, who has time to view these things and then complain afterwards. Were the complaints about the quality of lighting, the uniforms worn(or not worn) or the shortness of the act itself? Seems to me some people have waaay to much time on their hands or they worry too much about little things and not enough about larger issues. Older people have(and probably always will) complained about the declining moral standards of youth: what did Socrates say about the youth of his day? It is still relevant today.

  9. avatar emuh says:

    I was wondering why Mustain, a rector of universitas Islam Kediri, when responding the case of student sex video involving some of his students, is so naive and hypocrite. People love sex therefore you exist now”¦the problem is some fundamentalist despite their enjoyment of sex too, try to criminalize sex itself, so they are becoming opressed by the values they created by themselves.

    Achmad Sudarsono said:

    I recommend anyone who knows where there are free downloads, to please contact me on I will review the videos to determine their level of immorality.

    If there are videos with ‘top heavy’ or ‘buxom’ students, I think it is especially important to determine how damaging the material would be.

    Ouuuch. I want to vomit. I can’t stand anymore with this kind of hypocrisies.

  10. avatar Idam H. says:

    I always love a conspiracy theory. It’s like gossips in the entertainment business. See this one:

    The rector of the university, Mustain, says the video is part of a plot to tarnish the good name of Uniska, and is connected with competition between the various centres of higher learning in the town.

    Known now as “RSCU”, “Reality Show Cah Uniska”, the girl in the video is not from the Islamic University of Kediri, says Emy. The entire student database has been searched and no matches found resembling her.

    The making of the video, or its most recent naming, was done to discredit the founder of Uniska, a cleric, who is a well-known political figure in East Java, Emy said.

    The party or parties to blame: other centres of higher learning

    Story line: Uniska is the trademark of a well-known political figure. To discredit the figure, enemies need to defame the university.

    What is missing: is there any connection between centres of higher learning with “the enemies”?

    Sadly, people offering the theory are educated people, rector and lawyers. I admit lawyers are people with biased interest so it is natural for them to tell a conspiracy theory. But what about a rector? Is this the quality of the rector? If this is true, no wonder people believe that the those students are Uniska’s. Quality and reputation speak for themselves. The more people inside organization saying something stupid like this the more we see their organization’s quality.

    Another interesting point should be mentioned:

    The entire student database has been searched and no matches found resembling her.

    The method of searching and matching would be a world-class if the above statement is true. Or, they are too dumb to come up with a better story.

  11. avatar iamisaid says:

    Achmad said : “I recommend anyone who knows where there are free downloads, to please contact me on”

    I say : Where have you been Achmad? The Internet if full of Indonesian managed external (outside of Indonesia that is) websites that offer absolutely free downloads of explicit and hardcore sex videos, handphone clips, erotic pictures and whatever that may titillate the sexual appetite.

  12. avatar perseus says:

    Achmad said : I recommend anyone who knows where there are free downloads, to please contact me on

    Maybe he is looking for content for his forthcoming web production 🙂

    Hey Achmad, that domain is still up for grabs 🙂

  13. avatar Edwij says:

    Not a big problem, I guess. They enjoyed what they were doing, you enjoyed what you were watching. And I think it can stimulate our sexual desire, which has been quite a long time in the down condition due to stress, personal financial problems etc., which I think are experienced by every single man and woman in Indonesia.

    Just enjoye it, but never do what they have done. Bye … (smile).

  14. avatar opiro keneth says:

    Do these peaple have wifes/husbands? If they do, Can’t it lead to divorve? How would you feel if you watch your wife/husband playing sex with someone else? It’s very shameful and immoral. Please try to have common sense.

  15. avatar Kilinai says:

    Someone should check out a video titled “ayahku kontol besar”. Pretty older man and a young girl but hey this is indonesia and such relations are not alien.

  16. avatar Matthew says:

    Life was given to us to live by GOD not by MAN, Man tries to control everything but cant,
    Try to stop something and you make it bigger then it was, Don’t you people ever learn?
    I would rather see two young people making love then to watch you chop of the head of some person you disagree with. You cant tell me in any form that GOD is for murder and against love/sex? You made the rules you try to use to control people not GOD. He tried to show you how to live and look what you have turned his words into….A murder machine, Let the young show the world the truth and leave your poison in your mouth or someone may cut out your tongue.

  17. avatar Zain Hard says:

    Hedonism is becoming more important than religion, so that many young people are thinking that becoming popular and rich is much, much more important than everything in the world

  18. avatar chris says:

    So what they were having sex, it’s been going on for a while with humans you know!

    One thing thats allways true is the human desire to have sex, no matter what religion or people in authority say, they want it too!

    Muhammad had 11 wives and one as young as 6 years old he had sex with when she was 9 years old, he just didn’t have a video camera to record his lustfull acts.

    If it’s ok for muhammad to have so many sex partners then we muslims are supposed to emulate him, lets go for it!

    Sex is not the problem with society it’s religious leaders stuck in the 7th century!

  19. avatar Haryo Legowo says:

    Indonesian young generation is facing big problems. The development of information and communication technology brings a lot of impacts for morality buildings. Unfortunately the young people are not ready to use the technology, so they make some uncomfortable things such as pornographic films and spreading them to all people. Every Indonesian people must be aware that they have had meaningful cultures. And those cultures are more meaningful and glorious than pornographic. There are many traditional arts and cultures in Indonesia. Every tribe and every region has their own cultures, such as Wayang or leather puppets, Gamelan of Javanese musics, Reog, Ketoprak, Ludruk, Jathilan and others. Those cultures give religious teachings.

  20. avatar zomerjap says:

    3 solutions:

    1) I am pro researching more efficient taxation systems, people –> money.
    2) Potential child molestors, a phenomena already for people to gaze upon or as a future compromise as a result of taxating the porn-kings, may want to go to jail or get a free genitalia lock with all the benefits for the government to control them.
    All other (heavy) criminals must be microchipped and the microchips have to be stored in the most delicate parts of the body so that they have a high risk of killing themselves if they try to remove it –> it needs to be made psychopath-proof (Psychopaths are the most intelligent parasites out there). There is no need for a bigger police force, as they would stimulate organized crime to rise, which we can learn from the Yakuza (organized crime) in Japan. Quality over quantity matters.
    3) Education is the key to increased morality and it also diminishes the chances that people will overdose in the drug SEX, which they already do with the drug MEAT (obviously due to the lack of logically supported animal rights which is another important issue.)

  21. avatar zomerjap says:

    3b) The government of Indonesia has to invest more money in the following subjects: propositional logic, incorporating classical logic, mathematics (including higher algebra), sex-education and history.

    4) Life sentences for criminals need to be increased and more money has to be invested in punishing crime harder, by building camps for light abuse (that give each light offender a treatment suitable to their crime and psychology(standardized psychological tests)). In addition I would suggest the indonesian government to lean a little towards the Japanese way of dealing with heavy crime, but only after having exhaustively researched the benefits and costs from such a system and I’d like to remind people that whatever is offered to them must always be questioned, even my suggestions.

    5) As I saw the movie Darknight last time, I would suggest the government to invest in psychopaths and sociopaths to test laws and rules for their loopholes as they are experts in determining which laws and rules can be broken easily and which ones can’t. In exchange for better quality food or something while they are still in prison.

    6) I suggest that the government in Indonesia, helps itself a little bit by lowering the taxes for health food and increasing the taxes on junk food, cigarettes, alcohol and other things instead of prohibiting all those things which just don’t work and cost too much money.

  22. avatar swapnil943 says:


  23. avatar Hashim says:

    Achmad Sudarsono – condemn yourself! Who are the rapist in middle east? ask your bif mouth! Don’t judge other if you don’t want to be judge…

  24. avatar Aam Alamsyah says:

    Yeah, for me, it is difficult in such a dynamic situation to ask anyone not to do anything else, as there are too many channels and chances to do that, let alone the way to prevent that is difficult however, this actor or the doer has already known the impact of what they have done, so let the authorities do something or if we can do may be just tell that it is not really good, thanks

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