‘Women Can Be Nice With You’

Aug 24th, 2010, in Society, by

The woeful English speaking skills of Indonesian beauty pageant contestants.

Miss Indonesia 2009 (Putri Indonesia) Qory Sandioriva, during the "Get to know" interview stage of the Miss Universe 2010 grand final being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, was asked what wise womanly advice she had for men, in general it seems, responding:

I think that when you down the women can make you up, and I think that women can be said that "I have advice for you" that if you way up, you have to be nice to people, include the women, so when you down, women can be nice with you

Her words have raised painful memories of 2006 Miss Universe contestant Nadine Chandrawinata's "Indonesia is a beautiful city" fiasco, and again caused concerned commentators to wonder at the consistently poor standard of English among Indonesian beauty pageant winners.

Watch the rest of her stammering, confusing responses:

And Nadine in 2006:

Qory is no stranger to beat-up, storm in a teacup controversy, having been said to have caused anger among Acehnese Muslims in October 2009 when she won the Miss Indonesia contest representing the Verandah of Mecca, shamelessly unbejilbabed.

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  1. avatar irmafai says:

    That is why I never agree with the so called beauty contest which claiming the 3 B (brain, beauty, behaviour) as criterion. It just show to the world that Indonesian women dont have a brain but body to sell. Moreover, It is just to emphasize that for us, (indonesian, Puteri Indonesia, media, society, industry) beauty and body is above of all (behaviour and moral). What a shame !!!

  2. avatar Farah says:

    .. what a shame.. i thought she could be as good as Artika Sari Devi. With all the controversy i thought would be worth enough to choose her.. but ….dang!!

    What are you tryin to say Qori????

    There a lot of girls on that contest had etter english than her, duh.. shaaammee! (even Miss Thailand speak better english!!!)

  3. avatar dianmyname says:

    my son even can speak english better than her. he is only 6 years old.
    thats the committee from indonesia,,they supposed can handle the language barrier by put one condition to all the indonesian beauty peageant..must speak english very good.

    it happened once with nadine… an awful english speaking.
    they didnt learn from the past.
    but this is my beloved country…. anything can happen

    hope this not delicious moment (kejadian tidak enak) wont happen again


  4. avatar durenbonyok says:

    Napa gk pake penerjemah aja sih, kan disediain ama panitianya? Mereka emang dogol apa terlalu ngotot pingin menang, sampe maksain harus ngomong Inggris.

  5. avatar Astrajingga says:


    You should sent your son to beauty pageant then. He might win.

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