UnIslamic Behaviour

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The sharia police of Aceh have begun a month long campaign against unIslamic behaviour.

Unmarried couples being together without a chaperone or an acceptable reason are the main targets of the campaign, says sharia police (Wilayatul Hisbah, WH) spokesman Wirzaini Usman. Some success has already been met with:

Since the launch of the operation on the 20th we have arrested nine people for breaking Islamic law.

Although the offenders could have faced flogging with a rattan cane leniency has so far been shown and they have been let off with a warning.

Radical Islam’s Rules: The Worldwide Spread Of Extreme Sharia Law.

Meanwhile Raja Radan, the head of the Banda Aceh Sharia office, discussed the issue of beauty parlours and hairdressing salons, after having just completed a raid on one:

Beauty parlors should announce that they only receive women and staff should wear proper Islamic clothes.

In Indonesia salons can often be fronts for brothels so Radan asked parlour owners to remove any room partitions so that no suspicion would arise that concealed areas were being used for un-Islamic activities. In one raid on a salon five staff were arrested and a number of used condoms and empty bottles of alcoholic drinks were discovered. antara

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  1. avatar Andrew says:

    What about this incident, what has been done to them? Have they been held accountable for what they did?

  2. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:

    Surely this is just a smokescreen for their paymasters to hide their criminality, corruption and incompetence behind. As if there are not more important laws being broken!

    What a sham, a shame and disgrace to the true Islam.

  3. avatar bradlymail says:

    It’s not good to have two systems in one country! It’s seemed like Aceh gains independence from Indonesia.

  4. avatar Bas says:

    A campaign against unIslamic behaviour, cool!

    I love Aceh, when under water!

  5. avatar looking for sally says:

    There will be a couple of section in Aceh jail such as: A little bit unIslamic, not too unIslamic, Islamic but sometimes unIslamic, averagely unIslamic, very unIslamic, too far unIslamic, and the most severe punishment will be in infidel section.

    I believe our ancestor in Java or in any other place back then were even a better person as human being even though they did not understand the religion classification. Let alone a religious squad.

    I would definitely stay out of Aceh, and if the whole Indo adopt Sharia, I will definitely leave Indonesia and remembering how good it was as a country. Hopefully there will still many of our Moslem brother in Indo against Sharia law enforcement.

  6. avatar Olong Olong says:

    Religions are the most stupid invention a man have ever invented!

    Islam, Budha, Christian, Hindu, you name it….they never bring peace in this world but they bring hate, lust, ugliness and greediness.

    The World would be a better place without any religions.

    Let God do his business and us do ours.



  7. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:

    The sharia police of Aceh have begun a month long campaign against unIslamic behaviour.

    I think it is better that they pick up Al Quran and learn Islamic behaviour first!

  8. avatar Tomaculum says:

    M. Khafi, better if the government pick up the Law books and learn again about it, democracy and courage.

  9. avatar Olong Olong says:

    Come on M. Khafi,

    Al Quran or others what so called holy bible(s) only for stupid people or poor people.

    Rich and intelligent people never, yes, NEVER need bible or God to lead their life, because they know where to find God, not in the Muhammad, not in Budha, not in Jesus, Not in Krisha, God is within our self. You can only find God by look inside not out side.



  10. avatar bradlymail says:

    Olong Olong I think you are practicing communist ideology which not believe in god, religions, etc. You are desparado, you think you can find god within yourself? Very ridiculous statement.

  11. avatar Ihaknt says:

    This is why Sumatra always get the natural disasters. Even Allah Himself wants to eliminate the habitants! They become stupider by the day.

    What are these so-called “unIslamic behaviour” anyway? F***ing stupid! Are they that bored in Aceh? Maybe one day people can go naik haji in Aceh!

  12. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:


    I cannot agree with you more about God being in ourselves, and I think that most true believers of whatever faith would agree, but having God inside our hearts doesn’t mean that we need to hide our external display of faith, the two things are not mutually exclusive. One characteristic of those of true faith is the acceptance of others of different faiths.

    I guess I believe in a spiritual unity, which is markedly absent from out present day society, in fact legislated out of existence by our constitution and by the power struggles of the rich and powerful, and the religious leaders.

    Your assertion that religious scriptures are not for the rich and intelligent seems a little strange to me, whilst I would not consider myself materially rich, comfortable yes, rich no, I would however consider myself to be of reasonable intelligence.

    Whilst science is unable to answer all the questions of creation and the big bang, I choose to have a belief in God. It is quite simple, it may not be rational from a purely scientific viewpoint, but then neither is the human appreciation of music, art, nature or for that matter love, I for one would not like to lose any of these because they may not be rational from a scientific viewpoint.

  13. avatar Olong Olong says:


    You are wrong!

    I do believe in God! But unfortunatelly I believe it in my own way.

    My point is clear, if you looking for God in The Holy Quran, Bible, or anything, you just waste your time, those holy books are crap ! Rubish! They only talk nonsense !

    Yes, those books were holy and good only at the beginning, as time passed by…new inventions….new technology…science….etc… those holy books no longer suitable for our current modern life. No wonder they create more chaos than peace.



  14. avatar Rockstar says:

    Hey O2,

    You are against / hate religions fine. But calling people stupid is just so not wise 🙂
    Since you don’t believe in anything -which (according to you) means that you’re a one smarty pants- you probably should have known by now that if you want peace (just as it’s always written in your signature) you can start with yourself by respecting others 🙂

    Now, how’s that? 🙂

    ps: I know that you’re an anti-hypocrite too. Awesome.
    However, demanding a peace by calling people stupid and disrespect people’s belief are two different bits. That is sort of a hypocrisy ya? or Not?

  15. avatar Cukurungan says:

    Olong Olong Says:

    The World would be a better place without any religions.

    When China under Mao leadership there were almost 40 million peoples either killed or starved by his anti-religion movement and don’t forget how many thousand Cambodians killed during Khmer Rouge anti-religion regime in power.

  16. avatar O. Bule says:

    The Acehnese are, in general, a bunch of religious zealots. They have their little autonomous region now, so they will just have to put up the nut-job Islamic fanatics who are running it. Just desserts, in my opinion.

    O. Bule

  17. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:

    Hi O. Bule,

    I don’t know if that is quite true, the Achenese I have met, have been normal ordinary people, religious yes, but zealots, no. I think the painting of the Achenese as zealots has come from somewhere else, like the call for Sharia Law!

    If the Achenese were such religious zealots and fanatics, I am sure it would have translated into a win for a religious pairing in the recent gubernatorial elections, however we have a win by secularists?

    The same pattern emerged during the general elections, the Islamists were trying to tell us what the people wanted as if they were some choosen mouthpiece for the masses, but in actual fact Islamic parties managed a pitiful number of votes compared to the secular parties.

    Maybe our media is not quite as free as it should be?

  18. avatar Tomaculum says:

    O.Bule (nice nick name):):

    Nice beginning in the new year 2007 with your generalisation. I’m sure you know the Acehnese very good and lived/live there for years.


  19. avatar Hassan says:

    O.bule only do comments, he don’t answer posts by others here. That’s the notion i got from him so far.

  20. avatar Ihaknt says:

    O Bule did you mean deserts?

    Now you making me want to eat some ice cream and sweets. I love desserts, yum!

  21. avatar DianDoank says:

    hemm I just don’t like it when country’s law mixed with rules of any religion.
    I still think Indonesia is way too diverse to have sharia law for whatever reason.

  22. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:

    DianDoank said:

    I still think Indonesia is way too diverse to have sharia law for whatever reason.

    Don’t worry the Arab Islamists are already at work trying to change that!

  23. avatar Hassan says:

    DianDoank: Don’t worry, the western culture and influence would have successfully transformed Indonesia into your beloved decadent capitalistic secular puppet before those Arab Islamists even try! 🙂

  24. avatar Mohammed Khafi says:

    Don’t worry Hassan, at least wih western culture and influence, you will still be free to wear your long flowing robes, wear a turban, and sport a beard if that is what you wish. With the Arab extremist there will be no choice. 😉

    Freedom of choice is a God given right!

  25. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Mohammed Khafi,

    Ofcourse there will be a choice under the extremist:

    1. You either follow us or
    2. You will be persecuted

    See it will be even simpler…. 🙂

  26. avatar Hassan says:

    Mohammed khafi: Nah, i never wear flowing robes, turbans and those sorts of things. I prefer shirts and pants, thank you. You must’ve mistaken me for a santri sort. I’m not.

    The physical aspects don’t bother me too much (except the revealing western clothing). I’m more worried about the mental values western cultures brought us.

    These Khafi, is what bothered me:
    -free sex, etc.

    Islam didn’t introduce those garbages. 😉
    But you seemed to be a staunch advocate of those things. 🙂 Well, at least you accepted the western culture as a package without too much complaints. Instead, your liberalistic thinking taught you to hate Arab and Muslim cultures.

    And no one denied that freedom of choice is a God given right.

    Dimp: when it comes to sharia, everyone became a psychic, who can see the future with ultimate certainty. “some people will be persecuted”, MAYBE.

    But under secularism, Indonesian minorities ARE persecuted everyday. Our government IS corrupt. Our original culture IS diminishing, replaced by the western one (and mostly not by the Arabic one i might add). The damage to our society IS currently happening.

    It doesn’t take a psychic (or a rocket scientist) to figure that out.

  27. avatar Tomaculum says:

    These Khafi, is what bothered me:
    -free sex, etc.

    Those all are garbages?
    -Consumerism, maybe. And it is not typical western value.
    -capitalism maybe.
    -free sex, etc. What do mean about it? And what etc?

    Hassan, all the bad things came from the western and all the good things are Islamic?

    But under secularism, Indonesian minorities ARE persecuted everyday. Our government IS corrupt. Our original culture IS diminishing, replaced by the western one (and mostly not by the Arabic one i might add). The damage to our society IS currently happening.

    And under the Islam banner you won’t find it again?
    Yeah, the west is the bad, Islam is the best.
    My god, Hassan, its so simple. That I didn’t recognise it?

    Btw, what about the goods western things?
    Electricity, computer, medicaments etc., etc?

  28. avatar Ihaknt says:

    Secularism is not bad. It’s there so you will learn from each other and widen your horizon!

  29. avatar Hassan says:


    And under the Islam banner you won’t find it again?

    My answer is: MAYBE (if God willing then it can be a reality).

    Better MAYBE than SURE destruction under secularism, as we can see everyday.

    Tom, consumerism is the end product of capitalism. Let’s be honest, capitalism will not thrive without consumerism. Consumerism is what any capitalists would hope for, if it fade, who would give them their income?

    -free sex, etc. etc was for it’s following agents (results), like industrialized porn, adultery, the shifts of morality that free sex brought into society, etc. 😀

    all the bad things came from the western and all the good things are Islamic?

    Did I say that? I don’t think so. I was just saying that i am worried of how some western values are affecting our people, which i listed above (individualism, capitalism, etc).

    Yeah, the west is the bad, Islam is the best.

    Well, IF (hypothetically speaking) we consider the western culture as a man made thing, and Islam is indeed the teaching of God (remember the IF?), then yes, the answer must be so. Why? Humans (and their culture) are full of mistakes but God is perfect. The religion (which God had devised for us) MUST be perfect, but the followers are not. Again, hypothetically.

    “Electricity, computer, medicaments etc., etc?”

    Did those things fall into the category of western values? 🙂
    We weren’t discussing about technology, were we?

  30. avatar Dimp says:

    Hi Hassan,

    If the western values are so bad, then how come there are a lot of refugees from Islamic countries trying to get into Europe and United States?

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